Khali vapors review

Everything about Khali Vapors is California based even their lab is situated in California. This organization has a genuine Cali vibe and its juices are spread all through the world to give everybody a bit of their home to take with them. Every juice is named after an uncommon milestone, resort, and each flavor they use is typical a Cali treat top pick. Established in Long Beach, California in 2013 where it is constantly radiant, regarding the anecdotal story of Queen Khalia.

Khali Vapors takes as a lot of time as they have to ensure that every juice is made splendidly from fixings provided from their beginning and they will persevere relentlessly to share the adoration for their cherished state with overpowering vape juice flavors. They give you a little taste of everything from fruity, smooth, and even some mentholated flavors.

Their VG/PG proportion of 60/40 is to promise you an even measure of luscious flavor and thick mists that will bolster you have to flaunt your vape juice cloud stunts with a lavish fragrance that anybody could adore. On the off chance that you can’t go to Cali, you can carry Cali to you. Investigate Khali vape juice assortment of flavors for yourself and I guarantee that you’ll discover something that will leave you slobbering in energy.

Khali Vapors Devil’s Punchbowl

Khali Vapors Vape Juice Flavor Profile Review

Try not to be terrified by the name of this senseless juice. In the event that anything it really is ideal since Satan himself can’t guarantee this juice because of its glorious taste. The blend of guava and peach will inspire your mind-set and mentality sending you into a serene perspective with it’s vibe of having a taste of a sweet nectarous beverage totally unfurls in your mouth. The mix is smooth to such an extent that once you get a puff the flavor of guava and peach will stream quickly over your tongue making each taste bud sing with euphoria on the breathe in. It will restore each and everybody once you blow the fog of the Devil’s Punchbowl out of your mouth conveying it’s valuable fragrance with it while the rest of the bits of flavor waits slightly longer on the breathe out.

Khali Vapors Devil’s Punchbowl ICE



Not at all like a chilled glass of guava and peach punch loaded up with super cold shapes on a pleasant bright day. Envision sitting out alongside a pool and having the flavor of sweet punch at your recreation without agonizing over it getting warm and dreadful. Each puff will give you a similar taste every single time with a cold tone to it. On the breathe in you’ll get a light pinch of menthol conducting itself with the kinds of guava and peach. On the breathe out the menthol will heighten a tad as it hauls the rich taste of lip-smacking punch with it.

Khali Vapors Golden Gates


It’s not frozen yogurt. It is anything but a popsicle. It’s a creamsicle, implying that it has a shell of a popsicle and an inside that is made of dessert. This particular creamsicle is made of an orange popsicle for the external layer and sweet delectable vanilla frozen yogurt within. Giving you a rich and tart minute that is difficult to overlook however not to lament. On the breathe in you’ll get a strong burst of tart citrus from the orange as it gradually presents the flavor of smooth vanilla dessert just as a truly light dash of menthol with it. On the breathe out when the two flavors escape from your mouth making you have an inclination that you just returned from the Golden Gates.

Khali Vapors Hearst Castle


Spoonfuls and spoonfuls of tasty honeydew melon yogurt directly in the Hearst Castle making you feel exquisite and extravagant. That is the thing that this flavor will make you feel like once you experience it. A significant piece of yogurt and an aware of excursion, what could be superior to that? On the breathe in a spout of sweet honeydew melon will spread itself onto your tongue ensuring you taste all of flavor that it can offer. On the breathe out the smooth tones of vanilla yogurt will associate itself to the honeydew making a yogurt season that is totally out of this world.

Khali Vapors The Fairmont


Who lives in a pineapple under the ocean? No one. Who visits The Fairmont that is directly in Cali? A few people… But this time The Fairmont vape juice has been carried to you with the flavor of perfect pineapple dessert. Not exclusively will you have pineapple dessert yet you’ll additionally have the wonderful tones of harsh lemon and sweet coconut directly alongside it. On the breathe in tart rich notes of pineapple dessert will cover your tongue with its dazzling nearness, pulling along the kinds of smooth coconut and lip puckering lemon as you breathe out.

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