Best Pod Vapes – The Best Pod Mods & Vapes in 2019

After much extensive research and testing of a large variety of products, we have found the best pod vapors currently available. Each of these comes in a small package, designed elegantly to suit your needs. Constructed with lightweight materials, the vapors make an ideal suit for vaping.

We have carefully tested all pod vapors on the market. Many of them did not make this list. Here are the best pod vapes that are available now.

1. Kendi Pen Rubi

The RUBI is entirely amazing for such a little gadget. It would appear that common fume however creates a bigger cloud than most. The best part is the opportunity to utilize any e-fluid of your decision. Its 1 ml cases are refillable, so it’s an open framework vaporizer. The presentation is consistent and shockingly inconceivable. An incredible JUUL elective for the individuals who need to utilize their e-fluid of decision. Kandypens has a decent notoriety; as of late they began delivering e-fluids. All things considered, they have figured out how to create extraordinary compared to other battery-powered container frameworks, which is the reason it beat the rundown. Your 280 mAh battery accompanies a lifetime guarantee!


Pros Cons
Impressive steam production

Good taste

Consistent performance

Rechargeable sleeves
Lifetime battery warranty
Suitable for MTL

No load due to the load

No monitoring of visible liquids
No leaks or spit

2. Juul

The JUUL made ready for the vape upheaval. Right up ’til today, it’s consistently as well as can be expected purchase. It works very well with another container until the last shot. You won’t feel a dry breath or ignite with JUUL. It works constantly. Indeed, even a little breath offers unadulterated fulfillment. JUUL is fundamental for any smoker who needs to roll out the improvement. Simultaneously, it’s ideal for any vape that needs a progressively shrouded arrangement. Utilize 0.7 ml of units pre-loaded up with 5% nicotine salt. It likewise utilizes a protected temperature control framework to give an amazing and steady taste.

Pros Cons
Strong throaty
Fast charge
The capsules contain 50 mg of salt-based nicotine
Elegant and modern
Lightweight and portable
Battery life of 200 mAh
Limited taste/nicotine selection

3. Nex Labs SMPO

The SMPO is an exceptionally straightforward vaporizer. Simply plug in a container, turn it on and breathe in. The pool has been initiated, so there is nothing else to do except for blow on it. Utilize 1.8 ml of cases containing 18 or 50 mg of nicotine with 3 flavors to browse. It comes in blue or dark with a carbon fiber plan. The SMPO uses LED lights to demonstrate the battery life. Its smaller size makes it simple to pack and convey anyplace. The gadget can be delighted in by a smoker yet is ideal for experienced stealth fumes. Effortlessness meets execution.

Pros Cons
Easy to handle
Display LED battery
Carbon fiber design
18 and 50 mg nicotine shells
Only two colors available
Only three flavors available

4. Aspire Gusto Mini

The Aspire Gusto offers extraordinary things in a little bundle. It would appear that a casing alter however utilizes pre-filled modules. The gadget has worked in assurance that makes it sheltered and simple to utilize. You don’t need to waste time with untidy juice. Simply open the case, press the catch and appreciate a great vape. The Gusto utilizes 4.2 ml cases and delivers 17 watts of intensity. At the point when joined with a 900mAh battery, you’ll have a lot of time to vape before you have to charge it. You will adore the vaping love.

Pros Cons
Battery life of 900 mAh
17 W output
Integrated security protection
Compact and lightweight
Micro USB per charge
Pre-filled pods with popular halo flavors
No leaks
Not suitable for MTL
No 0 mg nicotine capsules available
Limited taste selection

5. MLV Phix

The Phix is ​​a shut circle vaporizer intended to utilize pre-filled 1.5 ml vape cartridges with 5% salt nicotine. It utilizes cCell clay curls that produce a mind boggling taste. The vape containers are activated by an attractive association. Its 280 mAh battery offers in excess of 200 inward breaths. I picked this gadget because its great taste. The MLV Phix offers a decent draw at the MTL, smaller than most, which is ideal for the progress of smokers. It doesn’t come up short or dry the same number of other people who have not made the cut. It gives a smooth and fulfilling record.

Pros Cons
Easy to handle
5 ml capacity
No leaks
Perfect for smokers
Constant aroma
Good MTL pressure
No load due to the load
Only 4 flavors available
It’s not cheap

6. Suorin Drops

It accompanies 2 ml of void cases, filled to fill. It houses an inward battery of 300 mAh and utilizations curls of 1.3 ohms. Gives waterproof seepage, perfect for oral vaping. Its little size additionally makes it reasonable for little packs. The drop gives a scrumptious vape without salivation. That is the reason it went ahead my rundown. The cases are basically loaded up with a pipette to utilize your preferred juice. The rolls have a brief break, you can shower them during stacking and, in particular, the cartridges don’t spill.

Pros Cons
No leaks
Easy Rechargeable
Pods with a capacity of 2 ml
Short run-in time for coils
Good MTL pressure
Cheap pods
Occasional ignition failure
Battery life indicator is hard to see
The pods do not click


The mod pod vapes are ideal for vaping secretly. They do not emit as much vape as a mod box, though you are surprised at their performance. Some of these devices can launch a very bad cloud. The most experienced vapors have a pod-vape companion to their usual configuration.

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